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Kobe Fashion Museum
Kobe, Japan

【City, Country】

Kobe, Japan


IRODORI-Life in colors



Exhibition, Senshoku-do workshop, Speech making

【Location, Period】

Kobe Fashion Museum


- The theme of the exhibition, “IRODORI - Life in Colors” was named by the curator of Fashion Museum of Kobe, Mr. Toru Momo and became the symbolized expression of the activity of IANT.
- Izukura introduced “Net Nature with Net”. Net can wrap lives softly with its flexible shaping. His works of weaving, braiding, netting and plying were displayed including Karakumi dress. The swimming suit and dress made from the pure gold thread were also displayed. They were the special production request from Ginza Tanaka Co., Ltd.
- One visitor made comment that he felt comfortable with less headaches or stress being in the space where the arts made from nature come in contact with people.

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