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The Museum of Ethnology
Vienna, Austria

【City, Country】

Vienna, Austria


Modern Japanese textile Exhibition


Exhibition and Senshoku-do workshop

【Location, Period】

The Museum of Ethnology
1997: For 3months, Senshoku-do workshop was held at the museum,
    University of Applied Arts Vienna and Japan Cultural center.


- The opening ceremony was held at the museum hall with the salon concert of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra members. The exhibition was filled with many local guests and tourists from the opening day.
- Obi and Kimono were on display with the ceramics and handmade papers that were made from used dyestuff and leftover materials.
- The exhibition was set up not only to look the arts on the walls from the front but also try to create the whole scene to wrap up people from all over, from ceiling and floors.
-The Senshoku-do workshop of Color Method, “Dyeing” of 8 methods of Ceremony of Dyeing and Weaving was held for about 100 people. Some other smaller workshops with about 20 people were also held in different places.

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