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Round Tower Museum
Copenhagen, Denmark

【City, Country】

Copenhagen, Denmark


Zero Emission : Modern Japanese Textiles by Akihiko Izukura


Exhibition and Senshoku-do demonstration and workshop

【Location, Period】

Round Tower Museum

2001:Exhibition at the venue where makes full use of the characteristic of the observation tower, one of the famous place in capital city, Denmark. Details at that time still posted on a website.


- The encounter of Izukura with Mr. Jens Hvass, Danish architect, in Kyoto around 1990 was the starting point to have this exhibition. Mr. Hvass was deeply appreciated Izukura’s philosophy and became his strong supporter.
- Round Tower was chosen as the exhibition site from some candidate places. The observatory, 34.8m high, of the Round Tower was filled with natural light. It was the determining factor for Izukura’s exhibition.
- This exhibition fully utilized the variety of the Round Tower spaces to make people feel oneness with Nature using their five senses, not only looking at the arts. The works were created based on Izukura’s philosophy: using natural materials, using natural power, using up all the materials, no waste.

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