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International Textile Symposium
Graz, Austria

【City, Country】

Graz, Austria


The 20th International Textile Symposium


Interior and exterior installation and Senshoku-do workshop

【Location, Period】


2003(The annual event)


- 2003 was the commemorative year when Graz was nominated as the European Cultural Capital. The 20th Special Symposium was planned to invite 200 artists, including 190 who had participated to the former symposiums, and 10 guest artists. Izukura was one of the invited artists and he was the only artist who had his works outside. More than 200 people came to the opening day. Many of them walked through his work.
- Izukura’s workshop on the opening day was very successful. More than 140 people, almost the double number of the original enrollment, gathered.
- It took about 3 months to make the silk tube and the windmill type arts displayed outside. The tube art is about 30kg and 50m long, made by the small round loom. It has the bamboo framing of 3m in diameter at every 5m.
- Izukura intended to show symbiosis of Nature and people through his works. In this huge silk tube, people could walk through it, not only take a look or touch it, feeling Nature while talking to themselves inside.

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