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Izukura Akihiko

Izukura Akihiko

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Akihiko Izukura, natural textile artist, was born into a family of a long history as Obi weaver for many generations at Nishijin, Kyoto in 1942.

He started working in the family business while he was at university studying economics. After he graduated from university, his real journey into the weaving started.

The big turning point came to him in 1986 when his braided tapestry of chemical dyeing was awarded a big prize. He found his strong conceit in himself when he looked at his piece. That was his ego to dye yarns whatever he wanted as if he was trying to bring Nature under his control. That was the moment he started to have a dialogue with Nature humbly through dyeing and weaving.

Being as a president of his company, he found his private laboratory to study dyeing and weaving in his own style with many people.

In 1994, he wrapped up his long time research of textile techniques into Senshoku-do (Dyeing and Weaving Ceremony). He started demonstrating Senshoku-do in Boston in August of that year for the first time. Since then, he has been delivering his philosophy of showing reverence to Nature through dyeing and weaving at his workshops and exhibitions from home and abroad.

His activity expanded when he established IANT (International Association of Natural Textile) in 1997, which was authorized as nonprofit organization in 2002.

Akihiko Izukura had the exhibition, which covered all of his works, in Kobe in 2008. This exhibition led him to a new way of living. He started his new steps more than ever as an artist, a researcher and an educator to find the new relationships between Nature, Fabric and Man.