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Izukura Aterier

Netting+Textile Vest


It is not clear when people started wearing clothes.
However, it all started from the fact that people were given LIFE.
LIFE of animals, LIFE of insects, LIFE of plants…

It is not clear how people started making fabrics.
However, it all started from the fact that people realized the Power of Nature.
Power of sun, power of water, reaction of molecular, circular movement…

People started making clothes from LIFE and with Power of Nature.
Spinning thread, dyeing colours and weaving fabrics…
No process of works is ever easy.
There must have been countless trials and errors to get the right process.
People finally got the decent techniques to produce clothes.

That is the way people have been wearing clothes.
People have to wear clothes to live in society.
“To live” is “to wear”.
Hoping the future generations will do the same.

For this reason, no wasting and perfect recycling should be considered.
Use up everything when we use something.
Today, we need to respect Life and the human techniques fostered by nature.
Especially in those days of dizzying era.

I truly hope to move forward,
With the ancient wisdom,
No resistance to the Power of Nature,
With the shine of LIFE in COLOURS.

Akihiko Izukura