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"Nichi-getsu Senshoku-do"(7min 55sec)
DVD:"Akihiko Izukura's World"
Nature and Man….Color, Thread, Form (2008)

What's Senshoku-do

What are the morals of fabric dyeing?

In Japan, there has been the culture of FORM from ancient times.
People handed down the techniques with ancestors’ wisdoms together with its basic spirit and FORMS to the next generations.

The techniques of dyeing and weaving are the fruits of ancestors’ age-long wisdoms.
In the old days, all the fabrics were produced from the LIFE of plants, flowers and insects in Nature.

Akihiko Izukura organized the wisdoms of spinning, dyeing and weaving into “8 Ceremonial Methods of Dyeing and Weaving”

The fabrics are produced using the natural LIFE with men’s techniques.

The Ceremony: Senshoku-do, is the FORM to hand down the sympathetic reaction between Nature and Man for many years to come.


3 Yarn Methods


1 Color Method

Natural Dyeing

4 Textile Methods