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Amen (Egypt), Apolon (Greece), Shamash (Mesopotamia), Vishnu (India), Inti (Inca), Lugh (Celt), and Amaterasu (Japan) The Sun has been adored and respected as the symbol of the life source and the creation.    

The streaming sunlight is shining on everything on the earth and giving life variation, while it’s heat warms up the land, circulates water to nurture lives. This planet and all the lives on it are connected circulating around the Sun at the center.    

Borrowing the power of sunlight, we accept the Life in Colours of plants and insects. That is (the method of) TAIYO-Zome (Sun Dyeing) Regular dyeing process is to make fire, to boil water and to simmer the ingredients, trying to hasten the process to extract the colour.    

Meanwhile we soak the materials in the water, expose them in the Sun. We just sit still to wait for the colour coming out from the core. We only ask the materials to give us their own Life in Colours and wait.